At the present time, Earth Wise Books has published only those crafted by the founder.  Although we are eager to grow, we have decided that quality is more important than quantity, therefore, because of the size of our staff, we will accept a limited number of books each quarter for publication and will be super selective in accordance to our work load and staff availablity. A word of advice... the cleaner your work, the greater your chances of being accepted. 

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, PLEASE READ OUR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES CAREFULLY.  Failure to follow them could influence whether we consider your work or not.

It is not necessary for you to be agented to submit your manuscript for publication consideration, but it IS necessary that the manuscript be completed and well edited.  Please refrain from approaching us unless this is done.

We are not interested in:
Novellas less than 12,000 words
Short story collections or anthologies

Religious genre fiction aimed for a specific religious group of readers
NOTE *** Since we're huge fans of romance, we understand and expect that sex will be woven into the story.  Even so, we do not want erotic stories  portraying rape, pedophilia, beastiality, or other crimes in a positive light. 

We are interested in:
Paranormal and supernatural
Contemporary and Historical Romance

Young Adult
Historical literature
Gay/lesbian fiction
Self-Help/ New Age

Manuscript length works (12,000 words up to 150,000 words).

Submit a cover letter IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL that contains the following:
Genre and sub-genre (if applicable)
Word Count
A 500 word maximum synopsis of your work
A short biography of yourself
How you would assist with the marketing and promotions of your work should we accept it.

If you do not hear back from us within three (3) weeks you can safely assume we are not interested in your work at this time.

In the event we request your manuscript is should be formatted as follows:
Font:  Cambria or Times New Roman
Font size:  12pt
Margins:  1 inch
Spacing: double
Format:  Word doc

Although we'll do our best to review your work in a timely manner, please allow up to six (6) months for our decision.

Send all queries to:

Please be courteous and let us know if you are submitting simultaneously and notify us right away if your manuscript is no longer available.