Our Staff
Eileen Sheehan: Internationally Published and Award Winning author, Eileen Sheehan, continues to write steamy romance thrillers for the mature adult along with a few self-help books. After producing from start to finish over sixty (60) books -with more still to come- she understands the process that is involved in producing a book that meets the standards to earn awards such as the ones she has been given by prestegios sites such as

Eileen started out as a freelance writer for periodical magazines and newspapers. From there, she tried her hand at writing screenplays. Her screenplay, "When East Meets West" was a finalist in the 2001 Independent International Film and Video Festival at Madison Square Gardens, NYC. Finally finding her niche, she lets her imagination loose with paranormal romance/thrillers.

Having started out as a novelist being published by medium sized publishers, Eileen quickly realized the value in maintaining control of her own work.  When the opportunity to become an Indie author presented itself in 2016, she jumped at it and hasn't looked back.

Eileen is partial to paranormal, romance, fantasy, and horror in fiction and most self-help, spiritual, and metaphysical in non-fiction

Amanda Garrity:  The daughter of founder, Eileen Sheehan, an  avid reader, and an emerging new author, Amanda Garrity dedicates her time and talents to writers in need by assisting with the editing and formatting of their projects.  A dual citizen of America and Great Britain, she is familiar with the common phrases and slang used by all English speaking authors. Her eagle eyes and dedication to excellence help to bring forth an enjoyable, quality read on your behalf.  Amanda is open to all fiction genre.