In today's world, more and more people are taking responsibility for their ecological footprint on the planet.  For those who enjoy curling up with a good story, one of the best ways to join in with the effort to soften our footprint as a mass populous is to save a tree and read an eBook.

Earth Wise Books believes strongly in doing what we can to contribute with the care of our Eco system. Because of this, we have chosen to have our primary publishing model be digital. Not only does it help protect and save our Eco system, it provides instant access to that book you've chosen to curl up with. No more planning ahead and watching the mailbox for the delivery of the book you want to unwind with. Simply select your title, download it into your electronic device and enjoy.  It's just that simple.

Because we don't want our reader or our authors to miss out on connecting with each other through books, for those who absolutely insist on a copy in print, we offer them through a Print on Demand program which eliminates overprinting of books.  We have to warn you...  because they are printed as ordered and not in enormous quantities to be shoved in an equally enormous warehouse (so many trees!) the cost is considerably higher to produce them.  A story in eBook that costs $3.99 could easily run you $12.99 or more in print. 

Earth Wise books was founded by Eileen Sheehan, an internationally published and award winning traditionally published author gone indie.  Eileen is seeking to maintain better artistic and commercial control of her work.  It was after she went indie with Earth Wise Books that her books began to win awards.  Through her own experiences, she has a fairly comprehensive understanding of the needs of our future authors as well as their readers.  Our goal is to do our best to make sure we keep everyone as happy as possible by searching for and publishing quality works of fiction and non-fiction, one book at a time. 

Want to maintain control of your own project but still need help in certain areas like editing or formatting?  Check out our sister site